10 Best Places To See Animals In The Wild

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With the thawing of winter in many parts of the world, animals and humans alike are starting to wake up and get outside. As avid wildlife watchers, members of VirtualTourist, a leading travel website, compiled a list of the Top 10 Places to See Animals in the Wild.”

Featured on the Morning News:

1.        Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

  • ·         Northern Tanzania provides more opportunities to see large numbers of animals in the wild than possibly any other spot in the world. 
  • ·         VirtualTourist members mentioned both Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area as prime spots to see animals in the wild.
  • ·         Both of these areas are famous for spotting the “big five´referring to lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinoceros.

2.       Kangaroo Island – South Australia

  • ·         Only 9 miles off the South Australian mainland, Kangaroo Island is a great site for seeing all kinds of animals, but two species in particular have drawn VirtualTourist members there: kangaroos and seals.
  • ·         One spot not to miss is Seal Bay Conservation Park, located on the island’s southern shore where visitors can observe Australian sea lions via the self-guided boardwalk or opt for beach access through a guided tour.
  • ·         Another recommended location is Flinders Chase National Park which is home to hundreds of kangaroos and New Zealand fur seals.
  • ·         In Australian winter (June to August), kangaroo and wallaby joeys (babies) start to emerge from the mother’s pouch and feed alongside them, and southern right whales pass along the island’s shores during their migration from Antarctic waters.

3.        Punta Tombo – Chubut Province, Argentina

  • ·         Along with the majestic nature that visitors can experience while visiting Patagonia, there are some unique opportunities to see animals.
  • ·         Punta Tombo, located on the Argentine Sea in Chubut Province, is the best place to see Magellan Penguins within continental Patagonia, with more than a million and a half Magellan Penguins arriving to Punta Tombo every year to breed.
  • ·         Though the first penguins arrive in September and stay at Punta Tombo until mid-March, the recommended time to visit for optimal viewing is after November once the babies are born.

4.        Parc Omega – Montebello, Quebec, Canada

  • ·         Canada’s landscape provides ample wildlife viewing, but VirtualTourist members reported seeing great numbers of varied animals at Parc Omega in the Province of Quebec.
  • ·         The park is located in Montebello, about 82 miles from Montreal and only 50 miles from Ottawa, making it a great stop for visitors to either region who’d like to see some Canadian wildlife. 
  • ·         From the safety of a vehicle, visitors will see bison, elk, black bears, red deer, and both timber and arctic wolves.
  • ·         The park also provides walking and hiking trails that are protected and only contain non-aggressive animals.

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