Two Suspects Sought in Boston Bombings — Glen Walker Reporting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The FBI and the joint terrorism task force investigation, now focused on two suspects in connection with Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.

The two men are seen in photos and surveillance video released as the FBI is now asking for the public’s help in identifying the two men investigators are calling suspect one and suspect two.

“Somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors or coworkers of family members of the suspects. Though it may be difficult, the national is counting on those with information to come forward,” Richard DesLauries, FBI Agent in Charge.

In this surveillance video the two suspects both carrying backpacks are seen walking single file on a sidewalk along the race route in the direction of the finish line.

“They appear to be associated suspect one is wearing a dark hat, suspect two is wearing a white hat,” DesLauries says.

And it’s suspect two wearing the white cap, who may be the easiest to identify because of  this profile image.

And for what special agent in charge Richard DesLauries said he was seen doing in front of the Forum restaurant, site of the 2nd explosion.

“The only one who was observed planting a device was suspect 2 with the white cap, it was shortly before the bomb blast went off within minutes,” DesLauries says.

This image of suspect two placing a cell phone has prompted investigators to check cell phone activity in the area before the bombs went off.

Also today reports that components of a toy, a DuraTrax radio-controlled car was used to detonate the pressure cooker bombs packed with gunpowder, nails and ball bearings that killed three people, and seriously injured dozens more, many of whom lost legs and arms.

“We consider them armed and extremely dangerous. No one should approach them no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement,” DesLauries says.

— Glen Walker, KTLA News

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