Dorner Reward to Be Split Among 3 Parties

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTLA) — The $1-million reward offered in the Christopher Dorner manhunt will be divided among three parties, police announced Tuesday.

dorner-condoDorner, 33, a former LAPD officer, was accused of killing four people, including two law enforcement officers, and wounding several others.

He shot and killed himself during a final, fiery standoff with police at a cabin in Seven Oaks.

There were 12 claims filed, and of those, three were selected to share the reward money.

A panel of three judges was tasked with splitting the reward. Their decision was made public in a report released by the LAPD.

Eighty percent — or $800,000 — will go to James and Karen Reynolds, who were held hostage by Dorner in their Big Bear condo.

Karen Reynolds called 911 on Feb. 12 after she and her husband broke free, and gave police a description of the couple’s vehicle, which Dorner had stolen.

“Had Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds failed promptly to escape their restraints and contact law enforcement, it is likely Dorner would have escaped,” the report said.

Five percent of the reward will go to tow truck driver R. Lee McDaniel, who spotted Dorner at a gas station in Corona, narrowing down the search.

Dorner, 33, was accused of gunning down a couple in Irvine on Feb. 3.

Authorities launched an all-out manhunt, but Dorner’s exact whereabouts were unknown. There were even reports that he might have fled to Mexico.

McDaniel confirmed that Dorner was in the Inland Empire when he flagged down police on Feb. 7, saying he had spotted the fugitive in his truck moments before.

After two early-morning shootouts with police that day, including one that left a Riverside police officer dead, Dorner was still on the run.

Hours later, ski resort employee Daniel McGowan reported spotting Dorner’s burning pickup truck on a fire road in Big Bear.

His tip led authorities to the area where Dorner was ultimately located.

McGowan will get 15% of the reward because his “tip did not directly lead law enforcement to find Dorner,” according to the report.

None of the money was awarded to Richard Heltebrake, who was carjacked by Dorner after he fled the Reynolds’ condo.

It was determined that his phone call to police “did not lead to information leading to Dorner’s capture,” the report said.

Officers had already spotted Dorner in Heltebrake’s white pickup, the report added.

There had been considerable debate about who — if anyone — would get the reward.

The language of the reward, fronted by numerous agencies, initially specified that it was for Dorner’s “capture and conviction.”

That became irrelevant under the new criteria after Dorner’s death.

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