Paypal Launches “Galactic” for Space Payments

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Verizon says it will introduce phones that only run on its 4G LTE network sometime next year. They could be cheaper, thinner and lighter since they don’t have as many radios inside.

Electronics on the fritz? Maybe Crazy Ants made their way inside.

Imgur has launched a web-based meme generator. Here are two we created:

Frank Buckley

Jessica Holmes

Microsoft launched a beta preview of Windows 8.1 with lots of new features. The software is available as a free download to folks running Windows 8. It brings back the Start button (with a slightly different functionality), direct boot to desktop, larger tiles, better search, an official Facebook app and lots of other little improvements. The installation is sort of a four step process – first you must download a small update to Windows from this website, then when you reboot you’ll download the 2 GB update to Windows 8.1, then after a few restarts you have to go to Windows Store and download all of your app updates, finally, go into Settings and then select Update & recovery to get any final updates.

PayPal launched the PayPal Galactic Initiative to figure out the best way to move money around in outer space.

Google has launched a neat new feature in Hangouts called Remote Desktop that will be very useful to people like me who are always providing remote tech support for friends and family. Just invite a friend to chat, then enable the Remote Desktop feature and you can take control of their screen to fiddle with settings, fix stuff, etc. Many other companies offer this function but you usually have to pay for it. The toughest part will be explaining how to start a Google Hangout to the person you’re trying to help.

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