Alec Baldwin Launches Twitter Rant Against Journalist

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK (KTLA) — An enraged Alec Baldwin waged a war of words Twitter on Thursday over a report that his wife was tweeting during the funeral of actor James Gandolfini.

George Stark, a reporter for The Daily Mail, noticed some tweets coming from her account that were allegedly sent during the same hours that the funeral was happening.

They were happy posts about ideas for wedding anniversary presents, recipes, and retweets promoting her upcoming appearance on the Rachel Ray Show.

“The pregnant yoga instructor’s social media feed was full of upbeat posts while ‘The Sopranos’ star’s friends, family and co-stars were gripped with grief at a New York Catholic church,” Stark wrote.

baldwin-tweetIn response, the “30 Rock” star unleashed a stream of angry and profanity-laced tweets directed at Stark.

“My wife and I attend a funeral to pay our respects to an old friend, and some toxic Brit writes this f—ing trash,” he tweeted.

“My wife DID NOT use her phone, in any capacity, at our friends funeral,” he said.

He threatened to find the writer of the story and “f****…you…up,” referring to him as a “toxic little queen.” Baldwin also tweeted that he had fired his publicist.

Shortly after the rant, Baldwin’s Twitter account was taken down. It wasn’t clear if he deleted the account, or if it was removed by Twitter.

His wife also weighed in on the report on her own Twitter account.

“FYI I don’t believe in bringing phones into a funeral and I never did and I never would,” she tweeted.

“I hope that this reporter knows how much pain and drama he has caused from his poor journalism,” she also said. “Lying and bullying are shameful.”

Twitter allows users to schedule posts in advance to appear later. It was unclear if that might have been the case.

A friend of the couple confirmed that Hilaria left the funeral early becasue she is seven-and-a-half months pregnant and needed water.

This was not the first time that Baldwin has been involved in a public confrontation.

Back in December 2011, he was kicked off an American Airlines flight for refusing to turn off his phone after the doors were closed. Baldwin later apologized to the passengers who were delayed.

And in April 2007, he made headlines for a voicemail message he left to his daughter Ireland during a nasty custody dispute with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

In the message, he called his daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” The actor later admitted he made a mistake.

He contended that the tape was sold to TMZ, which he said released the recording despite laws against publishing media related to minors without permission from both parents.

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