Woman Reuinted With Lost Dog After 2 Years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MISSION HILLS, Calif. (KTLA) — A 79-year-old Mission Hills woman has been reunited with her lost dog after two years, police said on Thursday.


Adeline Cruz, 79, and her dog Smuth (LAPD)

When Smuth, a female Shih tzu-Pekingese mix, went missing from her home, Adeline Cruz never thought she would see her pet again.

Then, the retired teacher received a call from a rescue group that was given the dog last March, according to a news release from Los Angeles police.

Smuth had been found in Canoga Park by a meter reader, who gave the dog to a resident. The resident had friends at the rescue group.

The rescue had the dog bathed and spayed, and also had a small growth removed from her head, at a total cost of $289.

When the veterinarian scanned the dog for a chip, her true owner was discovered.

The rescue group called Cruz and wanted payment for the dog’s care before returning her, police said.

Cruz, in turn, called police, according to the news release.

Since the vet costs were not authorized by Cruz, she could not be held liable for reimbursing the rescue, police said.

Detectives spoke to the group and explained the law. They agreed to return Smuth, and Cruz agreed to make a donation to the rescue.

“It was very gratifying to be involved like this,” said Det. Samer Issa, of the LAPD’s Mission Detective Division.

“It was more like returning a lost child than lost property, and everybody was happy, especially Smuth,” he said.

Thursday was Cruz’s birthday, and she said getting Smuth back “was the best present ever,” police said.

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  • Stelladora1

    Really she didn't authorize the medical treatment? You got your dog back. Be thankful. Oh she made a small donation. It's ok then.

    • hearyehearye

      Two years later, she may not have the m o n e y, especially think i n g her pet was gone forever. A surprise $290 is not easy to come by.

  • Rogue1

    So what's the name of the "rescue group" that tried to strong-arm her into pay i n g for procedures she never authorized before they'd release her dog back to her? Sounds a bit like extortion.

  • hearyehearye

    Albeit thankful, but If you're go i n g to be a "rescue group," you shouldn't charge the owners of a lost dog. I'm sure they get enough donations to cover the cost. Besides, they should have scanned that chip to contact the owner, especially before perform i n g a non-life threaten.i.n.g surgery and at least to get approval from the owner.

  • hearyehearye

    KTLA administrator does not like "i n g." That is definitely a glitch. Maybe they should find another administrator who knows what he's do.I.N.G.