Annual Miramar Air Show Grounded by Government Shutdown

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One day before it was supposed to start, the annual Miramar Air Show became a casualty of the government shutdown, with the military Thursday announcing its cancellation.


Annual Miramar Air Show Canceled Thursday due to government shutdown.
(file photo)

“The timing couldn’t be worse, but it is what it is,” Col. John P. Farnam, commanding officer at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, told reporters.  He said people who bought special access passes would be reimbursed, as would all event sponsors.

Farnam learned of the cancellation from the Defense Department early today. He said the event was already paid for and organizers thought it could proceed, but guidelines pertaining to the government shutdown forbade it.  “Personally I’m disappointed …  from the bottom of my heart,” Farnam said. “I apologize to San Diego for having to stand here and make this statement.”

The 58th annual aerial extravaganza was scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Even before the cancellation, the show was scaled back from its usual three days to two after the Defense Department announced that military flight demonstrations — including the Navy’s wildly popular Blue Angels — would not be allowed due to the automatic spending cuts known as “sequestration.”

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