Study Says Chicken Nuggets Contain Little Meat

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They may look and taste like chicken, but a new study says nuggets are not exactly full of meat.

Chick-NuggetsResearchers at the University of Mississippi examined two orders of chicken nuggets from popular fast food chains and found they contained only 50 percent meat.

The rest was made up of chicken parts including fat, skin, blood vessels, nerves and bone fragments.

“I had read what other reports have said is in them and I didn’t believe it. I was astonished actually seeing it under the microscope,” Dr. Richard deShazo of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson said in a statement.

“What has happened is that some companies have chosen to use an artificial mixture of chicken parts rather than low-fat chicken white meat, batter it up and fry it, and still call it chicken,” deShazo said.

Researchers cautioned chicken nuggets should not make up a large part of your diet because they are high in calories, salt, sugar and fat.

The findings were published in The American Journal of Medicine.

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