Red Lobster Waitress Gets $10K Donation After Racist Receipt

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A Red Lobster waitress who said she received a racist receipt has now been rewarded many times over.


Toni Jenkins holds up the donation check she received (

Last month Toni Jenkins posted a picture on her Facebook page of a receipt with a racial slur on it.

The picture showed “none” written on the tip line, and the N-word on the total line.

Matthew Hanson, founder of, read about the incident and launched an online fundraiser called “Tips for Toni.”

In just three days, he said strangers donated more than $10,000.

“It was about sending a message to racists that Americans aren’t going to tolerate that,” Hanson told ABC News.

On September 30, Hanson presented Jenkins with a check for $10,759.


The receipt had a racial slur written on it (

The college student was temporarily suspended from the Tennessee Red Lobster where she works for posting the receipt online. But she has since returned to work.

Some critics have accused Jenkins of making the story up.