Woman Claims to Find Balloon Honoring Dodi Soza in Colorado

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A woman in Boulder, Colo., claims to have found a balloon in her yard from a vigil honoring Dodi Soza.


A woman claimed to have found this balloon in Colorado (Credit: Instagram)

The woman, whose Instagram username is @jennisnead, snapped a picture of the balloon and posted it online Sunday.

She believes it traveled to Colorado from Downey, Calif.

“I was sitting outside my house , sippin a green drank and soaking up the beautiful fall rays, and this balloon just floated across my driveway out of nowhere,” the woman wrote on Instagram.

The woman said she did know who Soza was until she looked him up online.

“After a hashtag search of #RIPDodi online, we discovered Dodi Soza was a 16 year old football player in LA who died 2 days after collapsing on the field,” the woman wrote.

Dozens of balloons were released at a memorial service in Downey on Saturday evening, in remembrance of Soza, who died hours earlier.

Soza, 16, passed away after he collapsed on the field two days earlier, during a game at Lynwood High School.

He was initially taken to St. Francis Medical Center’s intensive care unit before being transferred to Long Beach Memorial, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The teenager was listed in critical condition, but died on Saturday morning, according to a statement issued by Long Beach Memorial.