‘Please Don’t Shoot Me’: Wounded Boy’s Tearful Account of School Attack

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Mason heard gunshots while he was outside with classmates, waiting for school to start. Then students were running, and a teacher was lying still on a playground basketball court, hit by gunfire.


Mason, 12, shot in abdomen outside Sparks Middle School in Nevada on Monday. (Credit CNN)

The 12-year-old wanted to help him, but a vice principal told him to run. So Mason moved toward the building — and that’s when he saw a friend, a Sparks Middle School classmate, with a gun about 10 to 20 feet away.

“I (said), ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,'” Mason told CNN in an exclusive interview Thursday from a hospital where he was being treated. “I looked at him. I saw (the gun), and he braced it and shot me in the stomach.”

Authorities say Mason was the last of three people that a 12-year-old Sparks Middle School student shot with a 9 mm handgun Monday morning outside the school. Mason and another wounded student — the first to be shot — survived.

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