Suspect Faces Multiple Charges in Fatal La Habra Hit-and-Run

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A woman is expected to face multiple charges for her alleged role in a hit-and-run in La Habra that left one woman dead and another injured, authorities said.

la habra memorial

A makeshift memorial was erected in honor of Sandra Ceballos. (Credit: KTLA)

Caroline Kim, 20, drove through the intersection of West Whittier Boulevard and Rigsby Street on Friday night and struck two women as they walked across the street, according to police.

Both of the victims were transported to a hospital. One of them, identified by relatives as 38-year-old Sandra Ceballos, later died of her injuries.

Officers apprehended Kim in Hacienda Heights, where her vehicle crashed after a high-speed chase that reached speeds of up to 90 mph, police said. She was hospitalized with unknown injuries, and will likely be booked on charges including vehicular manslaughter after she is medically cleared.

Ceballos, the deceased victim, was a mother of three and grandmother of two, according to family members.

Throughout the day on Saturday, friends and loved ones visited the crash site, where a makeshift memorial had been erected.

“This person had no remorse, just ran through a red light,” Jesse Castro, Ceballos’ brother-in-law, said of the suspect. “I came out here thinking I would see skid marks. Well, there’s nothing there. So this person just kept going.”

Kim’s father told KTLA that she had not been drinking at the time of the incident.  She does, however, suffer from depression and may have been off of her medication, he said.

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