Anti-Bullying Videos Questioned After 2 Students’ Suicides

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Two students from separate schools committed suicide within days of each other this month — which is National Bullying Prevention Month — and both boys apparently had been bullied. Now, parents are asking questions not just about bullying but about anti-bullying videos, which both schools aired shortly before the incidents.

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A student in Blue Earth, Minn., wears a T-shirt and wristband in support of National Bullying Prevention Month. (Credit: AP)

Brad Lewis’ son Jordan, 15, a sophomore at Carterville High School in Illinois, killed himself Oct. 17 by shooting himself in the chest.

Jordan left behind an affectionate, apologetic note that, according to Lewis, concluded with the line, “Bullying has caused me to do this. Those of you know who you are.”

Lewis criticized investigators for not pursuing the bullies more aggressively, but also turned some of his questions toward his son’s school, which showed an anti-bullying video to students the day before Jordan killed himself.

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