One-Armed Basketball Star Talks ‘Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story’

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One-armed basketball wonder kid Kevin Laue joined us to discuss the new documentary based on his triumph over adversity.

The uplifting, against-all-odds documentary follows Kevin Laue’s roller coaster ride through life as he strives to overcome enormous odds and become the first scholarship basketball player in NCAA history to play with only one arm.  Kevin Laue was born with one arm due to a restriction of prenatal blood circulation, and has been recognized for his skills and success in overcoming adversity. During his junior year at Pleasanton, CA’s Amador Valley High School, he was described as the team’s star. And it only got better. In 2007 Sports Illustrated called him “the most exciting player in basketball” in recognition of his playing prowess with just one hand. By the time the 6’11”, size 17 shoe wearing forward was ready for college, Laue was awarded a scholarship from Manhattan College, a Division I school.  Kevin handles the ball in his large right hand, which a teammate said “is as big as two normal hands” and he uses the stump of his left arm (which Laue calls “the Nub”) to help hold the ball after catching a pass. He also uses his stump effectively in defense.

“Long Shot: Kevin Laue Story”
November 1-7
AMC Burbank 8
201 E Magnolia Blvd. #345
Burbank, CA



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