Discovery of Woman’s Arm at Carson Sewer Plant Follows Similar Gruesome Finds

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A woman’s left arm was found at a Los Angeles County wastewater treatment plant Thursday, marking the third time in a week that body parts have been found in the public sewer system.


Authorities responding to the Joint Pollution Control Plant in Carson on Thursday, where workers have reported finding body parts twice in one week. (Credit: KTLA)

The gruesome discovery was made Thursday morning by an employee at the treatment plant at 24500 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Mike Rosson said.

Authorities had been expecting to find an arm after other body parts were found within recent days, including a discovery at the same Carson location five days earlier.

On Monday, authorities retrieved the upper torso and head of a woman, thought to be Hispanic, from the San Jose Water Reclamation Plant, a wastewater treatment site near Whittier operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

That upper torso was believed to match a pelvis and set of legs found on Oct. 26 at the Carson plant, the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant, one of the largest wastewater plants in the world.

The two plants, more than 20 miles apart, are directly linked, authorities said.

Thursday’s finding at the Carson plant is believe to belong the same body, which was pulled apart in the wastewater system, Rosson said. The arm was found in a different part of the plant than the pelvis and legs.


Homicide detectives were responding Monday, Oct. 28, to the discovery of human remains at a county wastewater treatment plant near Whittier. (Credit: KTLA)

The body was likely dumped last Friday or Saturday through a manhole into the “closed” county sewer system, he said.

“Obviously, it didn’t come from a home because those lines are too small,” he said. “Somewhere in a street…would be the easiest to for someone to actually dispose of a body.”

The woman’s body had discernible tattoos, Rosson said, but authorities are not yet releasing information about that as their homicide investigation continues.

KLTA’s Chip Yost and Soumada Khan contributed to this report.