Chaos and Terror Unfold Inside LAX Terminal 3 — Kareen Wynter Reports

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Many people were in line at a TSA security checkpoint when they heard the pops of gunshots and sounds of screams.
“There was a guy downstairs who started shooting. One guy fell down. Panic erupted,” said one witness, who gave his name as Alex, in a live interview with KTLA reporter Sara Welch. “Just three loud pops, and everybody started panicking.”
Alex was in a security line on the second level of Terminal 3 when he saw the gunman shoot from the ground floor. The shooter then came up an escalator and continued to fire shots in the security checkpoint area.
“I laid down on the ground,” said Alex, who said he was roughly 20 feet from the shooter as he walked by.
Kareen Wynter reports from LAX for the KTLA News at 10 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1, 2013.