Bull Run Event Seeks New SoCal Venue After Lake Elsinore Passes

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A bull run event with shows scheduled across the nation was looking to secure a new Southern California location after Lake Elsinore passed on the event.

Bull Run Atlanta

Bull run event from Atlanta. (Credit: The Great Bull Run)

“We’ve known for months that Lake Elsinore likely wouldn’t approve a special event permit for The Great Bull Run, which is why we’ve secured a much larger venue closer to Los Angeles,” Chief Operating Officer Rob Dickens said.

We are in the final stages of negotiating and an announcement will be made once things are finalized, Dickens said.

The Great Bull Run was tentatively scheduled to be held March 8 in Lake Elsinore, but City Manager Grant Yates denied the event’s application.

Yates cited safety concerns for his rejection of the event.

“We are the action sports capital of the world” Yates was quoted in a news release Wednesday. “However, unlike most of the action sports and events in our community, this event invited inexperienced, untrained and unprotected participants to take part in what could be a dangerous and unpredictable activity.”

The event is modeled after the famous San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain.