D.A.: Bell Paid for Mayor’s Hair Plugs, Councilman’s Weight-Loss Camp

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The city of Bell paid $10,000 for former councilman George Cole to go to a weight-loss camp and also paid for Mayor Oscar Hernandez to get hair plugs, prosecutors said Thursday.

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Former Bell councilwoman Teresa Jacobo testified Thursday in the case against Angela Spaccia. (Credit: Los Angeles Times

The revelations came Thursday as former councilwoman Teresa Jacobo testified during the corruption trial of Angela Spaccia, Bell’s onetime second in command, who is charged with 13 corruption-related felonies.

Jacobo said she knew Cole had gone to a weight loss camp but didn’t know about Hernandez’ hair transplants.

Huntsman also showed Jacobo a document showing that she could have received a lifetime pension of $57,000 a year after serving only six years on the council.

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