Report: Ex-Miramonte Teacher to Plead No Contest to Abuse

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The former Miramonte Elementary School teacher accused of committing lewd acts against nearly two dozen children was expected to enter a plea of no contest to all charges on Friday, according to multiple sources.

filephoto Mark Berndt Court Miramonte Teacher

File photo of Mark Berndt during court appearance.

Mark Berndt, 62, who had previously pleaded not guilty, planned to enter the new plea in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, The LA Times reported.

Berndt was expected to accept a 25 year prison sentence as part of the agreement, according to the Times.

Berndt was accused of spoon-feeding semen to blindfolded students in what he allegedly described as a game.

He was also suspected of feeding students cookies tainted with bodily fluids and putting roaches on their faces.

Berndt has been held on $23 million bail since his arrest in January 2012.

“If Mark Berndt pleads to the charges facing him, then that will be his acceptance of responsibility for his bad deeds. This will be some measure of justice for the families,” said attorney Luis Carrillo, who represents a group of Miramonte students.

Now it’s time for the LAUSD to accept their responsibility for permitting Berndt to do his bad deeds, Carrillo said Thursday.

School district officials were unaware that any plea agreement had been accepted by the court, spokesman Sean Rosall Said.

“We are focused on the civil cases before us and resolving those in a respectful manner for those involved,” Rosall Said.

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