Elephant Who Killed Veterinarian Settles Into San Diego Zoo

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SAN DIEGO — Jenny Chung is looking at the elephant that killed her sister, a well-known veterinarian in New Zealand who devoted years to the elephant’s care after she was rescued from a touring circus.

Mila the elephant

Mila, a 7,600-pound African elephant, plays with a feed bag in a quarantine cage at the San Diego Zoo. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Chung has no anger toward Mila, the 7,600-pound African elephant with thoughtful eyes, stubby tusks, and hair on her back that turns reddish from “dirt baths.”

“She never meant to hurt Helen, I’m convinced of that,” Chung said. “She’s lovely and she deserves to live like an elephant.”

Helen Schofield, 42, a veterinarian and operator of an eight-acre zoo south of Auckland, was killed by Mila on April 25, 2012. Horrified visitors watched helplessly.

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