Apple Stores Sport Red Logo for World AIDS Day

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Apple Stores around the globe are sporting red versions of the company’s logo Sunday in honor of World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day is observed annually on Dec. 1 and is intended to draw awareness to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

apple aids

An Apple Store in Australia with a red logo in honor of World AIDS Day. (Credit: Courtesy of Apple)

Besides changing their logos, many of Apple’s stores have also dedicated some of their display tables to Product (RED) versions of Apple items. When customers purchase Product (RED) Apple gadgets, the company donates a portion of the purchase to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

Apple has a long history of raising awareness and donating to the fight against HIV/AIDS. The tech company has sold Product (RED) items for years, and earlier this year, Apple design chief Jony Ive partook in a large charity auction for Product (RED).

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