L.A.’s Downtown Dogs Spark a Sort of Turf War

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A downtown Los Angeles pooch can enjoy a made-to-order meal at a local pet boutique, tag along for happy hour or spend an afternoon socializing at the cathedral, but what happens when nature calls?

Artificial turf patch for dogs in downtown L.a.

Several patches of artificial turf have been installed in downtown L.A. to give resident dogs a place to relieve themselves amid all the concrete and off-limits objects. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Fido may have helped attract droves of new residents to a burgeoning downtown, but sharing the concrete city with their human counterparts is getting messy.

The latest attempt at stemming what some call “the pee situation” consists of three small patches of artificial turf in designated doggie areas.

“When you’re walking through downtown L.A., you can tell when you get into dog territory,” said Lindsey Barnett, manager at Bark Avenue’s Pet Project. “Where are they supposed to pee?”

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