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Arctic Blast Expected to End SoCal’s Summer-Like Weather Tuesday

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The sunny skies and warm temperatures Southern Californians enjoyed the past few days may be coming to an abrupt end on Tuesday.


File photo: A cold blast is expected to drop temperatures Tuesday. (Credit: KTLA)

Afternoon high temperatures were forecast to plummet by nearly 20 degrees between Monday and Tuesday when a cold blast of arctic air moves into the region, according to the National Weather Service.

The cold weather system was also expected to bring a chance of showers Tuesday and Wednesday, but rain and snow totals were likely to remain on the light side, according to the NWS.

Forecasters called for rain totals to likely remain under a tenth of an inch. Snow levels were forecast to drop to about 3,500 feet.

Some of the coldest temperatures were expected to arrive overnight Wednesday when clear skies and light winds may cause hard freezes in the Antelope Valley.

During hard freeze conditions, forecasters recommend bringing animals indoors and insulating exposed pipes to prevent freezing or bursting.