Man Tosses Money into Holiday Crowd From Mall Escalator

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A Minnesota man who wanted to give some holiday cheer to shoppers at the Mall of America on Black Friday ended up in law legal trouble for his efforts.

After a rough year losing his business and going through a divorce Serge Vorobyov wanted to do something to make others’ holidays a little brighter.


Serge Vorobyov dropped $1,000 onto a crowd of shoppers on Black Friday. (Credit: Serge Vorobyov/via CNN)

“I thought I got to do something funny at least have some fun with it and it turned out a lot of people enjoyed it,” Vorobyov said.

So he came up with the idea to throw money to shoppers after seeing a TV commercial about motorcycle rider with money flying off him as he rode around.

Vorobyoy decided to give away $1,000 hoping good karma would come back around.

“My last effort of pay it forward you know. I thought, I can’t keep up with my bills, I’m losing everything might as well have my last little thrill,” Vorobyov said.

He decided to throw the bills as a choir was singing, appropriately, let it snow.

Vorobyov said he figured he might get in trouble. And he was correct.
He was cited for disorderly conduct and faces a fine.

Even so, Vorobyov said it was worth it.

“I can laugh about it. Everyone is having fun I think that’s what life is about just following your heart,” Vorobyov said.

A Mall of America spokesperson told CNN this is the first time anyone has ever thrown cash into a crowd.

They said Vorobyov disrupted the performance and could have caused a serious situation.

CNN contributed to this report.

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