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LA Times 5-Part Series On Christopher Dorner

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LA Times writer Chris Goffard joined us live to talk about his 5-part LA Times special on the Christopher Dorner manhunt.

Starting this Sunday, December 8th-

A young Irvine couple was found riddled with bullets on a parking garage roof, and nobody had heard a sound. The next day, an auto shop worker found a police uniform in a garbage bin 100 miles away. It led to terrifying discovery. A disgraced ex-L.A.P.D. officer had sworn revenge on those he blamed for his firing. He had vowed to kill them all… and their families.

This series was based on more than 400 interviews, as well as court documents, police and coroner reports and military records. It was reported by Christopher Goffard, Joel Rubin, Louis Sahagun, Kurt Streeter and Phil Willon and written by Goffard. Also contributing were Joseph Serna, Kate Mather and Nicole Santa Cruz. Illustration by Doug Stevens.

Sunday — Murder in Irvine

Tuesday — Fear and the City

Thursday — The Longest Night

Friday — A Killer Vanishes

Sunday — The Mountain

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