Arizona Man Banned From Wal-Mart for Life After Ad-Matching Dispute

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An Arizona man who said he shops at Wal-Mart multiple times a day was banned from the store for life after the company said he threatened an employee following an ad-matching dispute.


Joe Cantrell, of Arizona, was banned from Wal-Mart for life. (Credit: CNN)

Earlier this year, Joe Cantrell, a former professional wrestler, started ad matching at a San Tan Valley Wal-Mart. An employee told him last week that it was not allowed, so he decided to complain to managers, Cantrell said.

“So when I left, he turned around and called Pinal County Sheriff and said he felt intimidated and threatened,” Cantrell said. “I was upset, but never once did I ever say anything — no contact, nothing.”

A few days later, Cantrell returned to the store, where he said deputies handcuffed him. He was told that he was banned from all Wal-Mart locations for life.

“I felt shamed and I felt like I was a bad guy,” Cantrell said. “And I know that I’m not a bad guy.”

He was released a short time later, he said.

Cantrell loves shopping at Wal-Mart and said he’s disappointed he will no longer be able to get the best prices for the items his family needs.


Cantrell received this notice from Wal-Mart, where employees told him he was banned. (Credit: CNN)

Wal-Mart released the following statement regarding the incident to KNXV-TV on Tuesday:

“The safety of our associates and customers is our top priority, and we find threats of violence unacceptable. This customer threatened our associate with bodily harm. Out of abundance of caution, local law enforcement was contacted. Due to continuous threats of violence, the customer is no longer welcome at the store.”

KTLA’s Juan Flores and CNN contributed to this report.

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