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“Bedtime Buccaneers” exhibits the 2014 parade’s theme, “Dreams Come True.” A young brother and sister sail the mighty seas of their imagination in search of their dream, a bountiful treasure. They use a bed as a sturdy ship and their toys and pets as magical creatures of the waters. We are all college students earning degrees that we use to accomplish our dreams through our careers and communities. Our dreams do come true.

Construction Height:     28′
Construction Width:     18′
Construction Length:     45′

The 2014 Cal Poly Universities float will include a variety of fresh floral as well as various different dry materials including both seeds and dried flowers. Our fresh floral list includes roses, carnations, irises, mums, orchids, lisianthus, hanging amaranthus, silver leaf eucalyptus, and silver dollar eucalyptus, among other things that can be found in our floral arrangements. Bright yellow, pink, and orange roses will be used to create a “bed of roses” – the focal point of the float. The three colors will complement each other in a checkerboard pattern, acting as the bed’s quilt. Atop the bed will be two children – one boy and one girl – dressed in footie pajamas adorned in green and pink button mums, respectively. Behind the kids is a twenty-eight foot sail that will be covered in white chrysanthemums. To create the effect of the children’s imaginary adventure on a sea vessel into an authentic treasure hunt, there will be six cannons decorated in silver dollar eucalyptus to mimic a metallic sheen, as well as a blue sea full of irises. Behind the kids stretches a massive sail with the face of a teddy bear drawn onto it that will be decorated in white button mums to capture the audience’s attention. Surrounding the bed will be various animals – both stuffed and real – covered in carnations to imitate the texture of fur. Straight ahead of the bed/sea vessel on the satellite will be a red X. We are planning to enhance the mark of the treasure with bright red roses. All of the wooden furniture will be decorated in different kinds of bark: the headboard and footboard of the bed will utilize redwood bark, while the ship wheel and dresser will be overlaid with melaleuca bark. The toys floating in the water, as well as those in the treasure chest in the satellite will be decorated in various dried flowers such as marigolds, bougainvillea, and statice. Finally, the Cal Poly Universities block letters will feature petalled yellow carnations, and the title sign “Bedtime Buccaneers” will showcase vivid purple lisianthus petalling. Our dry material will include homegrown blue and purple statice, homegrown bougainvillea, orange and yellow marigolds, rice, poppyseed, lettuce seed, different types of tree bark, cotton, strawflower, dill weed, various types of beans, and a variety of seed mixtures.

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