China Airlines

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This year China Airlines presents “Taiwan Dreams Rising”. The float depicts seven hot air balloons rising over the mountains of Taiwan. The heart shaped-balloon includes collages with images from Taiwanese culture, and represents the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. The highest building in Asia, the Tapei 101 building sits among the hot air balloons as they soar high above the city’s skyline. The deck of the float features swirling groupings of orchids, iris, roses and mums in vibrant colors creating the look of the lush native landscape, magnificent flowers and greenery native to the region and native architecture. Riders will soar through the majestic landscape as they ride along inside the hot air balloons. China Airlines began its Rose Parade participation in 1987. This year’s entry will “wow” the crowd with its magnificent floral detail and cultural beauty!

Construction Height:     35′
Construction Width:     18′
Construction Length:     55′

The hot air balloons will be decorated in whole carnations, mums in vibrant colors, blue and purple statice, green split pea, yellow strawflower, orange lentil and red and pink carnation petals. The floral baskets will be covered and filled with orange, hot pink, red, yellow and white roses. The deck of the float will be covered in red roses, cattleya orchids, yellow oncidium orchids, pink and hot pink roses. The buildings on the float will be decorated with silver leaf and seaweed, poppy seed, clover seed and yellow strawflower.

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