City of Burbank

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Our scene opens with Dillon the Villain, having stolen the Train from town, after tying Melodrama Melody, our heroine, to the tracks. He has the Deed to the Ranch but now wants to carry out his revenge. Duke on his trusty steed, Cassidy, is riding to the rescue of his lady love, Melody. Choo Choo Charlie, the engineer, on his hand card is trying furiously to catch Dillon. What will happen, who will live or who will die??? Our Director, Garry Marshall, has all the excitement, suspense and answers in hand, because we all know that “Dreams Come True” in the movies. And where better to film this story than the City of Burbank.

Construction Height:     22 ft
Construction Width:     18 ft
Construction Length:     46 ft
The Train is covered with Onion, Poppy and Lettuce Seed with red Carnations, green cushion mums and yellow strawflower, with Dillon covered in gold medallion, onion seed, cranberry seed, white button mums, and Asian moss. Melody, our damsel in distress, is covered with pink and white roses and petals and her blond hair of pampas grass is tied in a bow petaled in hot pink rose petals. Duke is covered in bronze cushion mums, walnut shell, uva grass, yellow straw flower and cornsilk, with his horse, Cassidy, in pampas and buffalo grasses. Charlie, the engineer is covered in blue status, coconut, gold alfalfa seed, cranberry seed, onion seed and raw cotton. The meadow is covered in a myriad of grasses: Blue Fescue, Mondo Grass, Liriope, Echiveria, Peter Pan Agapanthus, Neirne Lilies, Asters, Astibe and Daisies. The City of Burbank signs are covered in onion seed and great northern white beans. The ore car is done in with Bacara roses as the coal, gerbera daisies and red carnations, The makeup table and prop trunks are covered in white button mums, china mums, sweet white rice and pink Nora roses. The Victrola is covered in mahogany tea leaf, walnut shell, golden flax, cranberry seed, lettuce seed and strawflower.

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