City of Glendale

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The float suggests that it is not only desirable, but possible, for all those who live on the wildland urban interface (the place where urban development meets natural open space) to live together in harmony. This reflects the Rose Parade’s 2014 theme of “Dreams Come True” as the float dreams of the day when all the area’s residents – people and wildlife alike – can all get along together.

Featured on the float are several of Glendale’s noted native inhabitants including the California Mule Deer, Red Tailed Hawk, Coyote, North American Raccoon, Striped Skunk, Western Gray Squirrel, American Goldfinch and, of course, the California Black Bear – in this case represented by Glendale’s most famous wildlife resident, “Meatball the Bear.”

Construction Height:     25
Construction Width:     18
Construction Length:     35

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