City of La Cañada Flintridge

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A 1930’s truck belonging to the dogcatcher is stolen by five neighborhood dogs. Here they come, bouncing down Colorado Blvd. to celebrate the New Year. Who are Shasta, Gunnar, Gypsy, Morgan and Winston? And why is that man, Steve, chasing them? They are neighborhood dogs out on the town for a New Year’s Eve party. And Steve is the Humane Society man trying to return them safely home. Temporarily escaping, the dogs are ‘DOG GONE!”. This is a “Dream Come True” for five puppies.

Construction Height:     20 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     52 feet

Shasta, the driver dog, is primarily covered in palm bark. Gunnar, the passenger, is peach and tan colored carnations. Gypsy, the poodle, has a summer cut of white mums with uncut ruffs of white carnations. Morgan, the shaggy sheep dog, is pampas grass tipped with onion powder to give a gray-brown color. Winston the small dog hanging from the back doors of the truck is covered in coconut and dock seed. The truck is red kidney beans with wood siding of melaluca bark. Silverleaf bumpers complete the vintage look of the truck. The country road is covered in wheat grass with tire ruts of tan lentil seed. Steve, the Dogcatcher, wears a yellow button mum cap, a yellow mum jacket, and green mung bean trousers. The truck is bouncing over a concrete and stone bridge made of oatmeal concrete and several shades of flagstone seed mix. Under the bridge on both sides is a pool of water of blue iris, surrounded by cat tails. The ground away from the road on both sides of the bridge is an under-layer of leather fern with wildflower florals made from roses, fancy mums, carnations, gerberas, daisies, and exotics. The wildflowers are repeated throughout the rest of the base in smaller clumps and individual blossoms.

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