City of Torrance

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In partnership with the Torrance-based AYSO Soccer, the City of Torrance float celebrates two milestones. AYSO’s 50th anniversary and the City’s historic landmark of 100 years since their first Rose Parade float entry in 1914. This colorful setting salutes the City of Torrance outstanding parks and recreational department and highlights one of the most popular family events that happen in park settings throughout America. –AYSO soccer games. Butterflies flutter above vibrant floral trees framing the park scene and soccer field. Pathways, lined with floral displays, wander through fresh grass lawns. Birds and squirrels complete this outdoor scene.

Construction Height:     24 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     35 feet

Fanciful blossoming trees with sculptured flowers of crisp white coconut flakes cascade with yellow Giant Oncidium orchids and California pepper foliage. Limbs and trunks are artistically created in malaleuca bark. Topiary trees of pink roses float over gardens created from over 10,000 coral gerbera and Impulse roses. Fanciful garden borders created with sunflowers, lilies, hybrid delphinium, liatris and hybrid delphinium, the official flower of the City of Torrance, line soil-less fescue grass sod creating bursts of color along the pathways. Butterflies created with orange marigold and yellow strawflower petals are accentuated in glossy black onion seed and white sweet rice. Birds are decorated in an array of fresh and dried materials including blue sinuate statice, carnation petals, yellow and orange strawflower confetti and white coconut flakes. Furry squirrels are covered in finely chopped ming moss.

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