How to Help Those Affected by SoCal Brush Fires


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Serious mishaps can happen with do-it-yourself projects. DigAlert and its funding members, approximately 900 Southern California utility companies, want to bring this to the public’s attention. They are doing it in a humorous way, but it gets the point across. The float’s tranquil setting, a manicured backyard lined with colorful hollyhocks, quaint birdhouses and a wisteria pergola, is a catastrophe is in the making. A backhoe driven by a madcap dog sporadically jerks and sputters up and down as it moves from side to side. Oh, my gosh, the backhoe has hit a main water pipe, and now a torrent of water is flooding the scene! Torn up sidewalks add to the calamity. Look out, or you, too, will trip over a curb. Watch the zany backyard dishevelment unfold before wide-eyed neighbors. DigAlert’s fun float reminds all homeowners to avoid these antics. Contact or call 811. It’s a free public service designed to prevent problems and save lives.

Construction Height:     24 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     55 feet

Arrays of materials have been creatively crafted to create the texture of fuzzy animal fur and bird feathers. These include: golden and brown flax seed, curly white coconut chips, dark brown nyjer seed, gold strawflower petals, orange-red safflower spice, orange marigold petals, silky grass, uva grass and pampas grass. Astonished and wide-eyed eyes are decorated in black seaweed, green split peas, blue sinuate statice and brown flax seed. The backhoe is covered in yellow strawflower confetti, black onion seed with silverleaf and eucalyptus leaves to simulate chrome. Sweet rice is used to create the white picket fence, garden pergola, bird houses, sidewalks and curbing. Fanciful hollyhocks are created from more than 9,000 roses with 3,000 Bombay dendrobium orchids used to simulate wisteria blossoms. Colorful floral gardens of alstroemeria, lisianthus, lilies, waxflower, iris, roses, gerbera, solidago, renunculars, heather, monte casino, liatris, bouvardia, sunflowers and tulips line the lawn of freshly grown soil-less fescue grass.