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Dole’s entry evokes an idyllic tropical oasis, a world that we can continue to imagine with responsible, sustainable growing and operating practices. Dole is committed to imagining a world of boundless, sustainable natural splendor. Dole imagines a world of people leading healthy, vibrant lives, in a beautifully preserved natural environment.

Construction Height:     26 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     55 feet

Dole’s floral entry comes radiantly alive with vibrant colors and textures with sun-drenched fruits and tropical flowers to arouse our senses of sight, smell, touch and taste. Nested in the lush backdrop of tropical flowers a procession of life-like camels, bedecked in floral jewels, carry elaborately decorated Howdahs laden with treasures of gold, precious gems, tapestries of woven silk and rich fragrant spices. Readied to head out as the sun rises the oasis awakens from its majestic dreams and beckon the traveler’s adieu. Graceful palm trees, laden in dendrobium and Cattleya orchids, frame waterfalls that gently cascade through mist-draped gardens into tranquil azure pools of water. Nesting white peacocks, whimsical monkeys, realistic elephants and majestic tigers demand attention as they awaken to the morning in the mist-draped gardens. Featured throughout this floral masterpiece are fresh and healthy fruits, include bananas, pineapples, mangoes, papayas, peaches, strawberries and blueberries that are grown and provided by Dole for use on their float. Accompanying this exotic caravan are elaborately costumed performers.

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