Indonesia Ministry of Tourism

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This year Indonesia presents, “Wonderful Indonesia”. The float showcases the beautiful lush landscape, native statues and architecture of Indonesia; many of the world’s most ancient wonders can be found in Indonesia, including sacred temples, palace ruins, prehistoric remains and living traditions. Visitors from around the world come to Indonesia, attracted by the country’s unique and diverse culture and vibrant heritage, all of which are displayed on this magnificent float. Covering the sides of the float are native Indonesian birds, animals and tropical flowers. The deck of the float will feature swirling groupings of orchids, iris, roses and mums, to name a few of the many flowers that will be used, all in brilliant vibrant colors. Fresh accents of dendrobium orchid blooms, anthurium blooms and many other orchid blooms in orange, pink, purple and white will blanket the deck of the float. Also displayed on the float are magnificent palm trees that will stand tall. An Orangutan playfully hangs off of trees on the back side of the float, two vibrantly hued red and yellow Birds of Paradise perch atop the lush landscape and two Komodo Dragons perch at the front of the float. The front of the float is representative of the Indonesian island of East Borneo. The third largest island in he world and the largest island of Asia. It showcases a jellyfish, stingray, sea turtle and various fish that are native to the region. Also displayed are the beautiful lush jungle landscape and the under water wonders and ocean reefs of Indonesia.

Construction Height:     30 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     55 feet

The komodo dragons will be decorated with brunia balls, pinto beans, peanut shells and acorn tops. The pagoda roofs will be covered in woven brown flax thatching. The sides of the pagoda will be combination of yellow strawflower and orange lentil. The orangutan will be decorated with orange corn silk, brown palm fiber, craft grass and various seeds. The jellyfish at the front of the float will be decorated with gladiola petals and lunaria petals. The stingray will be covered with silver leaf, purple statice and onion seed. The sea turtle will be covered with brussel sprouts, broccoli florets, mung beans and ming moss. The deck of the float will be covered in groupings of hot pink roses, pink carnations, heliconia orchids, cattleya orchids, dendrobium orchids, cymbidium orchids and oncidium orchids. The black orchid (structures) on the front o he float will be covered in a combination of seaweed and purple statice. The water swirling around the float will be decorated with a combination of blue iris, white dendrobium orchids, blue statice crushed coconut and white roses. The fish swimming along side the sides of the float will be covered in yellow strawflower, crushed white coconut, seaweed and yellow split peas.

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