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The Miracle-Gro floral entry showcases how Miracle-Gro plays a part in everyday growing, From Garden to Table, by inspiring and encouraging families to grow something special and delicious on their own piece of the earth. Set in a bountiful backyard garden overflowing with fruits, vegetables and flowers, friends and family gather together to harvest, create and enjoy healthy meals and much cherished time together while building life-long memories. Framed by lush floral trees and colorful fluttering butterflies the edible gardens at the front of the float are ripe for the picking filled with delectable fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Ideal growing environments are enriched by Miracle-Gro soil, plant food and fertilizing products to produce the most luscious grown plants bursting with blooms and flavor. Gro-ables™ vegetable Seed-Pods™ make growing fresh produce effortless. Family members tend to their gardens and harvest their bounty, which is then handed to the family chefs at the center of the float. Working in the outdoor kitchen, sheltered by an overhead patio pergola laden with floral vines bursting in color, scrumptious and fresh meals are readied to serve. At the back of the float sits an outdoor dining area where family and friends joins together for their meal of fresh harvested delights. Manicured floral gardens and garden pots cascading with colorful blooms set the stage for the family to relax aside a real waterfall and tranquil pond that is home to frogs and lily pads.

Construction Height:     24 Feet
Construction Width:     18 Feet
Construction Length:     55 Feet

Sculpted fruits and vegetables are intricately decorated in orange lentil seeds, dehydrated carrot and red pepper flakes, gold and yellow strawflower petals, green parsley and crushed manzanita leaves. The oversized wheelbarrow, crafted in redwood bark, is bursting with fresh produce. Terra-cotta container pots are created in walnut shell, with accents of paprika spice used for aging. These containers overflow in brilliant jewel tone colors of tulips, stargazer lilies, lisianthus, hydrangea, tuberose, delphinium, and gerbera. Herb container gardens feature actual growing plants of basil, dill, oregano, thyme and sage. Deck gardens of over 15,000 Impulse coral roses ramble throughout the float. The pergolas of white coconut chips are laden with wisteria vines fashioned from over 7,000 dendrobium orchids. The warm earth tones of the flagstone walls in the kitchen and stepping stones throughout the float are decorated in mixtures of red millet, walnut and pistachio shell, sesame, cabbage, carrot and radish seeds, with accents of brown and gold flax to create the natural coloration of stone. Monarch butterflies of orange marigold petals and black onion seed gently “flutter” in trees created with over 12,000 yellow Giant Oncidium, golden hybrid vanda and James Story orchids. Tree trunks are fashioned with malaleuca bark. Miracle-Gro mulch products are featured throughout the fanciful garden beds and container gardens depicted on the float.

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