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Wide-eyed with wonder, a little boy dives beneath a swirling, cresting wave, where all of his ocean dreams come true as he discovers the colorful Sea of Surprises. The SeaWorld float, encompassing all forms of sea life, is a festive tribute to SeaWorld’s 50th birthday celebration. The float features SeaWorld’s most popular animals. A floral foaming wave of cascading iris and roses “crashes” over a colorful reef. A curious sea lion looks on as a killer whale family seems to breach from the surf at the front of the float as dolphins play and gentoo penguins gently bob in the current. The bright whimsical coral reef is teeming with marine animals including starfish, sea anemones, sea horses, sea turtles, manta rays, crabs and fanciful fish. Its open, airy design creates the impression of a vast ocean scene with all of the parade spectators taking part in the underwater fantasy.

Construction Height:     24 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     55 feet

This fun filled, action-packed float incorporates the colors of the oceans to bring a splash of sunshine the morning of the Parade and designed for the viewing audience to take part in the underwater fantasy. The 55-foot long cresting wave is created by blending 20,000 light blue, dark blue and purple iris with thousands of white Blizzard roses, dendrobium and cattleya orchids. The orange coral reef has been designed by layering pincushion protea, James Story dendrobium and thousands of orange and red anthuiums over 15,000 florescent orange roses including Wow, Miracle, Star 2000 and High and Magic. The joyful boy has skin made from a mixture of walnut shell, paprika spice and cornmeal. His hair has been decorated in gold and yellow strawflower petals with bright blue eyes of sinuata statice. He wears swim trunks of orange safflower spice with accents of red ilex berries. Friendly dolphins are petaled in shimmering silverleaf protea leaves and the sea lion is fashioned in shinny brown flax seeds. The killer whales have been created in glossy black seaweed and crisp white sweet rice with black onion seed and crisp white coconut covering the playful penguins. Vibrant yellow strawflower petals, white sweet rice, orange lentil and individual black beans adorn the Angel and Clown fish. The sea turles are decorated in green split pea and mung beans, applied one by one, with accents of petaled eucalytus leaves with seahorses in orange lentil and yellow strawflower petals. Sea anemones have tentacles of crushed peach lentil with centers of solid roses.

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