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Singpoli’s inaugural float in the Tournament of Roses embodies the elegance, quality and creativity for which the company is known. Titled “Connecting Cultures, DELIVERING DREAMS,” this stunning design features a pair of magnificent “tianma” or “heavenly steeds” soaring over golden rooftops and lush gardens. According to legend, tianma were the swiftest and most beautiful of horses. They became the favorite mounts of the Emperor and the Chinese court. As eastern counterparts of the western Pegasus, the tianma symbolize Singpoli’s commitment of being energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able to making dreams come true by bringing cultures together. The design also features graceful Chinese cranes (symbols of longevity) and fanciful lotus blossoms (symbols of purity and perfection).  As a leader in transpacific real estate investments, Singpoli is committed to making dreams come true by forging strong relationships and connecting cultures of the east and the west.

Construction Height:     31′
Construction Width:     18′
Construction Length:     55′

Singpoli presents a truly extraordinary floral display. A dazzling array of orchids cascades from the flowering trees, including dendrobium, cattleya, mokara, phalaenopsis and vanda orchids in rich purple hues. Velvety carnations create the crimson walls of the Chinese architecture and strawflower petals suggest golden tile rooftops. Oranges and kumquats offer unique textural ornamentation.

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