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“Relish Your Dreams” is a giant cheese and relish platter transformed into a bustling city-cape with 40-feet tall cheese-scrapers erected upon grand blue-and-white bowls that are connected via a grand cheese-carved suspension bridge with olive-topped trusses. The tops of both cheese-scrapers feature moving pieces. To the front of the float, an olive “helicopter” circles a tower of cheese. The rear building features a rotating beacon of cheese-in-the-round-with-a-wedge-cut-out that moves in a circular motion, perched atop a pickle. The front and rear are also punctuated by fork-cranes, lowering cheese and olives to the people supporting the operations in endives-boats, navigating a sea of crackers, pickle spears, cherry tomatoes and olives using cheese-knife paddles. At the center of the float, the cheese spread operator turns the spigot, ensuring ample supplies of cheese and crackers for all, while the rest of the workers carefully cut the cheese – it’s for construction. Making their way through the city and over the bridge, are 18 peanut cars. While driving alongside the giant platter is a “pickle car,” complete with wheels crackers, cheese and olives. The satellite vehicle is the perfect accompaniment to accompany the very cheesy float down the parade route.

Construction Height:     40′
Construction Width:     18′
Construction Length:     55′

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