How to Help Those Affected by SoCal Brush Fires

Western Asset

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Our Western Asset float reflects the parade’s theme, Dreams Come True, a tribute to a world of dreams that have come true as a result of imagination, passion, creativity and hard work. Our float—So Close, Yet Safari Away! celebrates this spirit and the opportunity to dream through adventure, natural wonder, and exploration.

“So close, yet Safari Away…” is a celebration of adventure that takes place on a safari. The front of the float features two gazelle flanked by giraffes near savannah treetops. A mother and baby elephant make their way to the watering hole where a hippopotamus and a crane are above the water floating in front of the float. The rear of the float hosts two lions perched atop a mound. Underneath the live waterfall, two antelope survey the land while two gibbon monkey’s hang out in the trees.

Construction Height:     30
Construction Width:     18
Construction Length:     55