Sriracha Shipments Delayed by State Health Regulators

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A 30-day delay in the distribution of Sriracha and two other hot sauces manufactured by Huy Fong Foods has some suppliers of Asian food worried about meeting consumer demand.


File photo of Sriracha bottles filling a store shelf. (Credit: Memphis CVB/flickr via Creative Commons)

The manufacturer cannot ship any more of its product until mid-January because the California Department of Public Health has begun enforcing stricter guidelines for the company.

Damon Chu, president of wholesale Asian food supplier Giant Union in Whittier, says his company could lose about $300,000 in sales as a result of the state agency’s action. The firm buys up to $150,000 of Huy Fong Foods products each month, he said.

Giant Union has no inventory to draw on because it ships the sauces continuously to restaurant suppliers across the region, according to Chu. He said he fears that if his customers can’t get the sauce included in their order, they will switch to a different supplier or different product.

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