Special Ed Teacher Removed After Facebook Post Calling Parents ‘Crazy’

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A special-education teacher in Torrance has been placed on administrative leave after a Facebook post in which she referred to parents as “crazy,” according to a report in the Daily Breeze.


(Credit: Daily Breeze)

Suzanne Hutton teaches children with autism at Howard Wood Elementary School.

Hutton made the following post on Dec. 5 just before entering a meeting with parents to discuss their child’s progress in what’s known as an IEP evaluation, the newspaper reported.

“Well I have an annual IEP this morning with lawyers and crazy parents. The student is a hot mess but so sweet! So after work I’m hitting happy hour at least I have something to look forward too!!! (sic) Deep breath … I’m going in.”

According to the Daily Breeze, the post was seen by the parents of another student at the school who forwarded it to district officials.

“The district is investigating the situation,” district spokesperson Tammy Khan said in an email to the newspaper. “The teacher has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.”