LAX Expected to Remain Busy After Christmas Holiday

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Crowds of passengers arrived at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning to head back home after the Christmas holiday.


Passengers stand in line at Los Angeles International Airport. (Credit: KTLA)

LAX was expected to see more than 2.6 million passengers during this year’s holiday travel season, compared to 2012’s 2.4 million holiday travelers, according to Los Angeles World Airports.

The increase in the number of passengers at LAX was attributed to more available seats on larger aircraft, and the addition of several international flights on super-jumbo jets, according to travel experts.

Friday, Dec. 27, and Thursday, Jan. 2, were expected to be very busy days at LAX, the nation’s third-busiest airport, officials said.

LAX officials offered these tips to help ease holidaytravel stress:

1. LAX cellphone waiting lot: This lot, which is located at 96th Street and Vicksburg Avenue, allows drivers to wait for up to two hours for passengers to call or text that they have arrived. Drivers can then pick up the travelers.

2. LAX shuttles: These shuttles, which are marked “Airline Connections,” allow passengers to get around the Central Terminal Area for free.

3. Parking structures: There are eight parking structures located across from the LAX terminals. Structures 3 and 4 fill up fast, so drivers are encouraged to park at other parking structures and walk or use the free shuttle to get to the terminals.

4. LAX real-time traffic map: The map shows real-time traffic conditions, helping passengers see which entrances to the airport are less congested.