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Mountain Lion Caught on Surveillance Video in Sun Valley; Dog Missing

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A Sun Valley couple remained concerned Saturday after their dog went missing and surveillance video showed a mountain lion outside their home.

The video shows the predator walking slowly in front of the Saro and Vera Tomasian’s house on Hollywood Way early Friday morning, toward the area on the property where the family’s beloved boxer, Rocky, was sleeping.

Saro Tomasian said his initial reaction to the footage was: “Wow, this is a gigantic cat that is walking right in our front yard.”

The 75-pound dog has not been seen since. Yet his owners remain hopeful.

After examining the property, an animal control officer “explained that … there is no evidence that Rocky is deceased. There is no blood, there is no trail that was left behind,” Vera Tomasian said. “He also did a quick search around the hills and he did not find anything. So he believes that Rocky might have escaped.”

The Tomasians, who’ve lived in the house for about eight years, say they have heard reports of mountain lions in the area. However, they have never lost a pet to one or heard of any neighbors capturing a cougar on surveillance video.

“We are concerned. We will take precautions,” Vera Tomasian said.

Police are warning local residents to closely monitor young children and pets outside, and to avoid hiking, biking or jogging alone at night, dusk or dawn.