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Glendora Residents Survey Damage From Colby Fire

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Glendora residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the Colby Fire returned to their properties Friday to survey what was left.

“It really brings back flashes of what happened all day yesterday, of watching your house go down in burning flames,” said Ray Parayno, owner of the historic Singer mansion.

The fire burned through two guest houses that were home to nine tenants, as well as a multi-car garage. However, the main house was left intact.

Parayno said he lost a lot of memorabilia in the garage that burned down, including photographs and some things he had collected from traveling.

“It’s a sad memory. But we have ourselves, which is very good. Everybody was intact and no one was hurt,” Parayno said. “But most of all, all of our tenants are safe.”

Sara Welch reports from Glendora for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014.