Medical Experts Say Shapewear Can Be Bad For Your Health

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Spanx and other shapewear may make your figure look more flattering, but that’s because they are literally squeezing your organs, medical experts say.

ShapewearShapewear compresses your stomach, intestines and colon, which can lead to abdominal discomfort, bloating and even gas, gastroenterologist Dr. John Kuemmerle told the Huffington Post.

Tight shapewear can also make acid reflux and heartburn much worse, Dr. Kuemmerle said.

Another doctor told the website shapewear can slow digestion because it doesn’t properly allow your intestines to contract and food to move along the digestive tract.

Experts urge users to make sure they are wearing the proper size of shapewear because getting a pair that’s too small can be very damaging.  The other alternative is not to wear it at all.