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Olympic Biathlon Tracy Barnes & The Made Of More Campaign

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Tracy Barnes recently gave up her spot on the U.S. Olympic biathlon team to her twin sister, Lanny Barnes. Lanny, who was sick during the Olympic trials, was unable to complete all necessary races therefore causing her to miss out on a coveted spot on the team. This is likely the last Olympic games either sister will have the chance to participate in, making Tracy’s sacrifice all the more impressive. Tracy and Lanny Barnes collaborated with GUINNESS on a video creative to celebrate their story. The video comes as a follow up to the Guinness ‘Basketball’ ad from September and is the next execution in Guinness’ MADE OF MORE campaign which celebrates those that demonstrate great character and a strong drive to follow one’s passions.  Tracy’s sacrifice so her sister could compete in the Olympics embodies the MADE OF MORE spirit and for that Guinness wants to recognize her and her actions.

The goal of this creative was to celebrate the Barnes’ story. Tracy’s sacrifice of eschewing her own opportunity for global glory and success so her sister could shine truly embodies the MADE OF MORE spirit and for that, we wanted to recognize her and her actions. Lanny’s determination to take the opportunity given to her to go and make her sister proud is equally commendable. The character both sisters show in support of one another serves as a powerful reminder for all of us.

The Guinness team will honor Tracy and her sister by making a monetary donation via Guinness Gives Back to a training fund in their honor. The ‘Twins’ TV spot will air for one day only on Wednesday, January 29, and will also be supported by digital and print.

Click HERE to see the Barnes Sisters Made Of More ad.

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