No Naps and Other Rules for Truck Drivers Could Cost L.A. $26 million

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Los Angeles is facing a $26-million legal payout over break time rules that, among other things, prevents city trash truck drivers from napping.


Previously, trash truck drivers have been barred from congregating in one area for lunch, napping in their vehicles and other rules that drivers are now fighting. (Dave Zahniser / Los Angeles Times / February 12, 2014)

The City Council, meeting behind closed doors, moved ahead Wednesday with the payout, designed to end an eight-year-old class-action lawsuit.

More than 1,000 trash truck drivers would receive an average of $15,000 each in back pay, according to Matthew Taylor, their attorney.

He argued they effectively were required to remain “on duty” — but not paid — during nine years of meal breaks. Taylor said the no-nap rule created dangers on the road involving heavy city garbage rigs.

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