Joaquin Guzman, Mexico’s Most Wanted Drug Lord Captured, U.S. Official Says

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MEXICO CITY — Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo,” the most wanted drug lord in Mexico and a multibillionaire fugitive, has been captured, a senior U.S. official said Saturday.


Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias “El Chapo Guzman,” is shown to the press after his arrest at the high-security prison of Almoloya de Juarez, on the outskirts of Mexico City,in 1993. He later escaped. (Credit: LA Times)

Few details were available. But Guzman has long been considered the top prize and most elusive figure in an extensive, ongoing drug war that has left tens of thousands of Mexicans dead.

Guzman led the Sinaloa cartel, the most powerful, richest and oldest of the drug-trafficking networks in Mexico.

The group is responsible for the shipment of tons of cocaine and marijuana to the U.S.

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