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Dad’s Picture of Infant Holding Rifle Goes Viral

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A Facebook picture of a 6-month-old smiling with a rifle resting across her lap has gone viral — prompting furious debate over seemingly everything from parents’ rights to gun rights to the right to post the image online.


Dad ignited a firestorm when he took a picture of his baby girl holding a rifle. (Credit: WHNT/via L.A. Times)

Here’s the story behind the controversial image, according to Mike Majewski, owner of the Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post in Woodbridge, Conn. He told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that the photo took place when the child’s father stopped in recently to look around.

The father was handling the rifle when he noted how light it was and laid it across his daughter’s carrier. “She grabbed the rifle and put on a big smile. [The father] thought it was adorable, so he took a picture,” Majewski said.

The image was posted on the store’s Facebook page and immediately struck a chord.

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